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Black Eye Pro Kit G4

Přidat do oblíbenýchBlack Eye Pro Kit G4
Zařízení:Mobil; Druh příslušenství:Objektivy.

Kód produktu2110977
Part numberG4PK001
EAN produktu6430055451566
Záruka:24 Měsíc(ů)
Výrobce:Black Eye
Skladová dostupnost:Na dotaz
Běžná cena
7463 Kč
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5900.00 Kč
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7139 Kč
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Hlídací pes
With the new Pro Kit G4, you won’t capture what you see. Instead, you’ll create your vision.

To immerse your audience completely, use the 120° angle of view and distortion-free Pro Cinema Wide G4. To transfix them, go with the Pro Portrait Tele G4 lens, designed for street and portrait photographers to make the spectacular come alive and get even 2.5x closer to your subject. And if your audience should feel like they’re behind the camera, POV never looked better than with the extremely wide 180° Pro Fisheye G4.

Whether your craft is your career, passion, or both, you’ll be stunned by the difference made by these three Pro G4 lenses. (And so will your fans.) This is unrivaled versatility. It’s unmatched creative freedom. And from the comfort of home to the most remote parts of the planet, the beautiful protective case keeps all three securely in place, ready to wow in a moment’s notice.

Are you already imagining the possibilities? Then now is the time to make them your reality.

Pro Portrait Tele G4 – Get 2.5x closer to your subject when it’s not physically possible, e.g. from a top of a cliff or across the street. Make your subject pop out from the image with a shallower depth of field. Capture images that look more life-like and show the world as your eyes see it.

Pro Fisheye G4 - The 180°-degree Fisheye is the most used close-up lens that allows you to get close to the action while still capturing the surroundings. Whether you’re capturing powder lines, park runs or just want to make the landscapes look massive, this is the lens for you.

Pro Cinema Wide G4 - The 120° -degree Pro Cinema Wide G4 with no corner distortion, provides you the perfect cinematic experience in all your photos and videos.

Protective zippet travel case – Durable and easy-to-pack zipper travel case with a carabiner hook.

Pro Portrait Tele:
Chromatic aberration 1px at edge
• Double Sided 3 Layer AR Per Glass Element + 1 Hard Protective Coating
• 5 Elements in 4 Groups
• Magnification ratio 0,63X
• Tv-distortion >-0,5%
• Resolution (Axis) 300 LP/MM
• Resolution (Corner) 280

Pro Fisheye G4
• Chromatic aberration 1px at edge
• Double Sided 3 Layer AR Per Glass Element + 1 Hard Protective Coating produces natural colors and prevents unwanted re ections
• 4 Elements in 3 Groups
• Magni cation ratio 0,2X
• Tv-distortion >-95%
• Resolution (Axis) 300 LP/MM
• Resolution (Corner) 250 LP/MM • Hand assembled

Pro Cinema Wide G4

• Magnification ratio 0.4X
• TV distortion -65%
• Resolution (Axis) 300 LP/MM
• Resolution (Corner) 200 LP/MM
• Hand assembled
Package contents:

Protective zipper travel case , Pro Portait Tele G4, Pro Fisheye G4, Pro Cinema Wde G4, Clip x3, Cleaning Cloth, Sticker, user manual..
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